Friday, November 14, 2008

pure nature colours

pure nature colours
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A natural touch...

A natural touch...
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Why shouldn't we judge others?

Every one of us has different character. We, almost everyone, have the habit of judging other people. Every one has different metrics to categorize other people. Those metrics are the main factors to decide others characters. They are given by external circumstances.

I had heard about a shocking story of an eight year old girl. She was kidnapped by two policemen, when she was returning from her school. She was molested and raped by them. How would you judge the policemen’s character? Definitely Bad, right?
There are lots of people like them whom we are facing in our every day life. Why shouldn’t we judge them?

Those people weren’t born with those characters. They were given these characters only from their circumstances. They don’t know how to give up those. I would say they need to be seen as people who are physically challenged. I wouldn’t recommend seeing those with mercy. But I would say they need to be seen with love. Why?

In that previous incident I explained, My opinion is both of them(that child and policemen) were suffered. Obviously the policemen were suffered by mental illness. As they are mentally in bad condition, hurting their mind wouldn’t help to cure their mental illness. Obviously we are responsible for the their behavior. What we are spreading? We are spreading competition… We are spreading Jealousy… Very few people of us are spreading love around the world… Be responsible for current world and others behavior. Stop hating others…. Love them all…

So, from now onwards, whenever you have to face a person with bad character, don’t hurt him. Do something to realize his character or mistake without hurting his heart. You can show angry to correct him. But you should be aware of the object of your angry that is for his goodness (like a mother’s angry)

Stop punishing others…. Love all… Spread love around you….


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