Saturday, September 19, 2009

Using your dream and imagination for success in everything

Dream and imagination is real easy way to success in everything. It worked for me lot of times. You too use this trick to succeed at everything in your life.

It is similar to setting goals. For me, goals should be used just to enjoy your talents rather than checking them. We, all people, are born with natural talents and skills. When I doubt any one of my skills, it become tougher than normally I am doing it. Isn’t it? You shouldn’t need to believe you have talents and skills. Just realize them. Once you realize your talents and skills, then you can enjoy achieving your dreams and goals.

First, you have to dream how you want to be after one year. Don’t care whether it is possible or not? Just imagine. Have a separate note and write your goal on it. Write the date you want to achieve it. Let’s name the book as Dream book.

Next step is the toughest one. Because whenever you have to start something, you need to give your full concentration and energy. Next one week is to spend with the analysis of the ways to achieve. Use your imagination. Strive to get as many ways to achieve it. Write them all in the dream book. Then, choose a right way which should match for your unique skills and talents. Write it on the dream book.

Now separate the book as follows:

1. First page should be used to write your dream. Second page should be used to write your skills and talents(+). Third page is for your weakness(-). Fourth page is for what are your weakness can be converted as your +. Fifth page is should be used to write the achievements in your way to your goals.

2. From sixth page, write the date of next Sunday. Dedicate every next page to each Sundays which will be useful to review and planning for every week. You can choose any day instead of Sunday, but it should be a holiday.

Choose a convenient time for you on Sunday to review the last week’s achievements and failures. Dream the next week’s goal. Make it as a challenging week by setting tougher goal. Do this every Sunday. Have a habit of reading the dream book everyday. Have a review at every month. The first six month would be tougher than the next.

Write the following in the first page of the dream book.
1. Don’t give up
2. Don’t procrastinate
3. I am going to enjoy every Sunday with my achievements

Bookmark this page and tell your success story after one year. You can contact me to share your achievements by clicking in the contact me button.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Present moment and Success in Life

What is life?

Everybody has different opinion about life. It seems to be lots of different characteristics to life. But life remains same for all of us. Life is nothing but your present moment. Your life exists in your present.

Your present moment is wasted by your needless thoughts. Do you know the source of your thoughts? why are you thinking in particular way? Can't you think like Gandhi? Why?

How was yesterday?

When I ask this question, you should have some answer about the day. You may say it is great, not so good or not so bad...etc. But it all about your convenience with handling your thoughts.

When someone ready to face a difficult period means, he has the skills to handle such situations convenient. For you it is a great courage. But for him, it is just matter of handling the present moment with full of awareness.

If you learn the skill of handling the present moment, it means you are going to enjoy your life.

Best wishes

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

About this Blog

The motto of this blog is to spread love and happiness everywhere. This blog is trying to give you a different view. It is all about mind and the way we are looking at everything. When you come to know there are plenty of views are available, then your life becomes to change.

This blog was not being updated regularly in the past. But it will be updated regularly from Oct'09. There won't be any rubbish here and will give you only the best. Click here to get updates.

Thanks for your presence here.

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Few questions to motivate you

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3. Am I using this body and mind to its best? How can I improve my skills to use them effectively?

4. How do I interact with people? Am I the person who is investing love everywhere?

5. How is my profession? is it interesting or boring? What is the relationship between interesting job and success? Am I ready to sacrifice my life for success ?

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