Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Keep your goals away from your happiness

Why we want to achieve big things? Why our mind always want to do something? Because we want to test our skills. We want show our talents to the world. Isn’t it? That is the base our goals for lots of us. We always want to show ourselves as what we are not currently.

A poor person want to become a rich man as he believes that richness would bring happiness to his life. Because he things that money is the only reason for his entire problem. He doesn’t know how to handle current struggle in his mind… So he thinks becoming rich person would bring the end for his problems. The ultimate base of our goal for lots of us is happiness. We want to be happy.

There is nothing wrong with having goals. But the base of our goals should not be happy. Why? What is wrong with having goals for happiness? The answer is “Nothing can make you happy”. You are the only administrator of you. But you gave the permission to some other external factors to control your mind. You can deny them anytime if you want.

Your happiness exists in this moment. You need not to postpone your happiness to future. Do you think that happiness will affect your progress on achieving your goals?Honestly, I don't think so.

Now, you may ask me, “What is best reason for having goals?” My answer is: It’s up to you. But it should not be for your happiness. You can live happily this life from this moment. There is no need to depend on something for your happiness. If you depend on external factors for your happiness, you are giving permission to those factors to affect your mind. Then you wouldn’t be an independence person to fix your life as your wish.


Goals are good. But it shouldn’t be for your happiness. Be aware of the things which are resisting your happiness. Find the blocks and remove them to enable yourself for enjoying the life. Enjoy life from this very moment … Be happy for being you! Wishes to achieve your goals happily!


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