Friday, June 13, 2008


You will find out some useful tips to achieve your goals.

Fix Your Goals:

"If you don't have any goals, please do fix your goal. It is really useful to make your future enjoyable"

Please fix a goal for your life. It maybe based on your personal or official. But the goal is important to set your future. Yes...your future is based on your goal and how you are going to work for that..

There are some goals for school students:

* Becoming as an artist
* Becoming as a scientist
* Becoming as a Software Engineer
* Becoming as a Doctor
* Becoming as a Engineer

There is some goals for age between 20-30s:

* Becoming as a Millionaire
* Becoming as a Business man
* Getting Higher post good concern

These are only some examples..It depends on your mind wealth..If you have great and broad mind you will definitely set a tough goal to achieve. So fix a tough goal to achieve. But remember one think... That is really very very important one..that you should keep on your mind that goals are to make your life enjoyable. So don't thing anytime that the goal is your life. It is only a tool to make your life happier than now...that's or win only....

Achieve Your Goals:
"If you have a goal in your mind, please make a habit of thinking about it once in the morning. "

* Make a habit of thinking of your goals once in the morning. It is better to think after a mind refreshment. This is really a powerful way to achieve your goals.

* Create a plan to achieve that and choose a time frame for that.

* While creating a plan try to find out at least 5 ways to achieve your goals, analyze them and finally choose a effective way to achieve your goals.

Thanks and wishes to achieve your goal!!!

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Monday, June 2, 2008

How to face and solve a problem

“The way we see the problem is the problem.”― Stephen R. Covey

Every one of us are facing lot of problem in our daily life. Facing a problem tells us how we are facing the life. How? If you are the one who always try to escape from problem or always worrying about the problems you will have to face in the future, then you are not going to enjoy the life.  yes...if you know how to face the problem, you will start to see the life as joyful and enjoyable. This article may help you to change the way you see the problem.

Whenever you face a problem, the first thing you have to do is, keeping yourself calm and quiet. Silence is most powerful tool to find out a solution. Whatever it is, first you have to be quiet. It is not a easy one. If you choose to keep quiet or silent, then it will come automatically. you don't have to do more. Just keep silent. If you can do that successfully, then you will find the solution for that problem. How is this working? If you can make your mind Silent or empty for couple of minutes, then you will have lot of energy to face the problem. The important thing is never ever to give up yourself. Keep silence till you find the solution.
How can we keep quiet in our mind while we are in a very big problem? It seems like it is very difficult one to do that. But it is really very very easy to do that if you try it correctly. First you have to understand yourself that you are living with some ready-made mind sets. That is whenever you are facing a problem, unconsciously you become angry and nervous. Because your mind refuse to accept that you are in a problem. You should make sure to remind yourself that you have the power of solving any problem. Remember we are doing nothing to breath regularly. We are doing nothing to make sure earth is rotating at right speed? You put enormous pressure on yourself unnecessarily thinking you have to do something.
Have you realized that till now? while facing a problem try to see yourself for a single moment, you will get a great insight about you at that moment. so, strive to accept your problem and realize that it can not be undone. Then only you can find out the ways to solve it. It's true. Try it out please...
Now find out the solution for that problem. Try to find alternative ways to solve that as many as possible. After that you will become more powerful man while facing a problem...
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