Friday, October 24, 2008

Powerful mind: Throw your reactive mind away

A person, who can be hurt by others, is dangerous to the peaceful of this world. If you can not be hurt by external factors, you would not hurt anybody. Powerful mind is not an attacking mind; not a protective one; It is peaceful one.

How we are reacting to the situations comes from external factors? Whenever we are facing a new situation or new task, we have a habit of giving some judgment such as it is comfortable for us or not, good or bad… etc. That judgment is your reaction about that particular situation. How this judgment affects your mind?
If you think that situation is good, then your mind will be addicted to that external factor which causes that situation (Ex. Smoking, games, alcohol). Your level of addiction depends on how much you like the situation. Like that, if you think that situation is bad, then your mind will be hurt (financial crisis, periods of job searching…etc)

How can we stop the reactions?
Only solution to stop your reactions is realization. You should realize the judgments are made of your past experience. You should be aware while making that judgment. Is it possible to delay the judgment? If it is possible, then you can stop reacting to external factors. Then you will see the tough tasks ahead of you in new dimension.


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open your mind

Who are you?
Every one has different answers for that question. Some would mention their name. Some would reply with their profession. Some would answer with their nationality. Every one of us is playing many rolls in our life.

Who are you? What are the rolls are you playing? Write down all your answers as many as possible. Strive to cover all the rolls you are playing.

Now start deleting your answers one by one. While deleting every answer, feel yourself as you are losing that identity. For example, you would be nameless after deleted your name. You would not be belonging to any religion after deleted your religion identity. Do the same for all of your answers. After deleted all those, you would not be belonging to any of your past identity.

Now sit silently for few minutes. See all the things around you as you are seeing that for the first time. See your house as new… See your Spouse, Parents and kids as some one else.

Now see yourself as someone else with eyes closed. See your thoughts. Don’t block it. Don’t justify it. Just see it…. While seeing your thoughts you may experience the silence. Silence is the most powerful meditation.

Try that and share your experiences with me. I hope that would be interesting tool to refresh and change your thoughts.


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Monday, October 6, 2008

Tips to Increase Your Creativity

1. Brainstorming:
It is a traditional method to generate large number of ideas. Write down all the ideas come from your mind as it is. Don’t reject your bad ideas. Be grateful for your mind for those ideas. One thing you need to remember is rejecting the bad ideas would kill your creativity.

2. Change your routine; Do something differently than your routine. Work in different places.

3. Learn something new:
Spend at least 15 minutes per day to learn something new such as learning a foreign language, new software...etc. Learning improves the efficiency of the right brain.

3. Take a walk for 30 minutes. Walk without your old thoughts. Don’t think about your worries. Just walk.

4. Laugh: Laughing helps you to relax your mind. It allows your ideas to flow.

5. Be curious about everything. Curiosity is the main factor for the creativity.

6. Don’t be afraid of rules; don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

7. Take a break sit in silence.

8. Remember your childhood days… Think yourself as a child… Be joyful. Play with children.

9. Understand your opinions about your creativity and break them all.

10. Sleep 7 hours a day.

11. Be humor: Humor helps you to be open for new ideas.

12. Try to cry….. and try to laugh while crying.

13. Imagine yourself as a popular person you know. Write something from their point and rewrite it from your view.

14. Dance for fun. Dance without rules.

15. Rearrange the things in your house and work place.


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