Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A great day ahead of you

Imagine yourself as surrounded by full of happiness and joy with eyes closed… It is a great experience, isn’t it? Why not make you surrounded by them in real life too? You can achieve that today. You are not going to read such as “101 great tips to enjoy the life” or “7 ways to improve your life”. To achieve that you need to do only one thing, which is you have known very well. No one needs to tell how to do that... It is a sure-fire way to turn this day as great day

Love is great. Love is Wonderful… It is beyond the words…. No other thing can do the dramatic change like love. Can you love all the things in this world? Why not? You can! All of us can do it successfully. No need to wait for something to love all the creatures of the nature. Here we go!!!

First thing you have to do is you should love yourself. You cannot love anybody until you love yourself. Love yourself as a friend. Love yourself deeply. Love the others as you love yourself. Love your spouse… Love your parents… Love your friends… Love who hates you… Love who loves you… Love all the creatures in this world!!! Why not to include your enemies in this list? Love your enemies too… Love them truly! Help them to succeed! Love all the plants in this world! Love all the peoples from different countries, different cultures and different religions. Love all! Love all the good persons! Love all the worst guys too! Your heart has enough place to all!! Realize it!!! Break the limits which resist you from love other! This day is going to be a great day in your life! Love others only for love! Break the conditions! Come out of the rules which make you to refuse to love others! Love me! Love him! Love her! Love them! Spread the love to people around you by loving them! Spread the love in all directions!!! Love can change the world! Spread the love! Love makes you happy! Spread the love! Spread the happiness!!!

Thanks for your love! Thanks for spending your golden time!!!


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