Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Power of present Moment awareness

I don’t know that where you are living. But I am sure lots of us are not living in this moment. Either we live with our past memories or spend too much time on planning for future. Every one of us should learn to live at this moment.

This moment is the gateway to a new thought, a new lesson, a new future, a new relationship, a new achievement and lot more. This moment is your future. This moment is your Joy. You may imagine about happy in future, but you can experience the happy at this moment only.

The relationship between you and your life lies in this moment only. All the things are exist in this moment only. If you like, you can convert this moment as happiest past for future. If you can enjoy this moment, you definitely can enjoy the remaining of the life.

Nobody can teach you how live in this moment. You only can find out the answer for that. I request you to practice Mind Refreshment. I request you to do a research about that. It you can live in this moment, you can achieve great heights in your life.

Enjoy your life from this moment!!!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

A technique to become an expert in your profession

The best technique to become an expert in something is sharing the things you've known. You may wonder how it is possible? what is the relationship between them? Here it is:

1. You learn better by teaching or sharing. By sharing or teaching, You refresh your knowledge about that.

2. By sharing or teaching, your mind will become more active to learn more. Since then your inner mind will remind you frequently to learn more.

3. While learning, your inner mind helps you to learn in detail. Because it knows you are going to teach other. So, it will make you as expert in what you are learning.If you don't like to share the things with anybody, your learning power will be reduced.

4. By sharing, you will move quickly in to next level.

Experts are made, not born.

I hope this technique will be useful to the readers. Please share your views about this post.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Taking a Break From All Your Worries

Every one of us had tough times in our past. At that times, we were worrying about the reason being.
If you have watched your mind, you would noticed one thing. That is, We are always ready to worry about someting going to happen. We have the scripts for it. are we aware of these scripts which are given by our circumstances such as our parents, friends and relations?
We should find out our scripts for tough times. Then we can rewrite that script to face the problems rather than worrying about it.
Why we are worrying:
what could be your answer for the above question? I guess some of the following could be your answer.
1. To solve that problem
(You know that worrying doesn't solve any problem)
2. To remember that problem
(You need not to remember that problem rather than solve it)
3. To hurt yourself
(It is the perfect answer for that question. you hurt yourself by worrying)
4. To gain others sympathy
(This answer also the perfect one for lot of us)
So, You must understand the reasons for your worries. Make your mind ready to face anything. A mind refreshment will help you to understand your mind. Then you will start to face the problems. Nothing can affect you. Enjoy the Life.
Let me know about your views.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just another tip to refresh your mind

Are you struggling with some thing? Do you feel tired and unenthusiastic? If Your answer is "yes", I hope this post contains some useful tips to you.

Dancing is a good way to change your mind. you need not to be a professional dancer. Have you ever danced? If no, you should try this. It is as easy as walk. It is fun and energetic way to relax your mind.

Benefits of Dancing:
Dancing has lot of benefits. It is very effective way to maintain your body and mind as strong. It is useful to:
Boost strength
Reduce stress
Increase awareness about your body
Manage your weight
Increase your concentration
Refresh your mind

Tips to dance:
Play a song. you can do it with your eyes closed. Just listen to that music, and let your body to respond to it. Then your mind will give the instructions how to dance. Don't Press yourself to dance perfectly. When you feel your body tired, you can stop there. Don't press yourself for a long time.

After that dance, take a rest. Just look at your mind. How is your mind now? you can try this whenever you are alone. It is a great meditation too. It will be useful for self improvement.
I hope this post will be a useful one to the readers. Please let me know your opinion.


Monday, July 14, 2008


His name is Joel. He left a comment on my post "Beautiful world". It is really difficult for me to accept as he was not interested in that post . After that, I thought about to stop blogging for some time. Then I changed my mind, made some changes to my blog.
Now I have shortened my posts. Now, I got some more visitors than previous. I'd like to say thanks for him, because he has made some changes in my insight. I have added his blog to my blog list to show my thanks.
My request to every blogger is to give some real feedbacks to other bloggers. It will bring you good readers to your blog. Because, I used to comment on others blogs to attract them to my blog. Now, I have decided to give feedbacks honestly. Thanks Joel.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mind Refreshment

Make a habit of refreshing your mind once in the morning. How to do the mind refreshment? That is nothing but a small sleep with full of awareness...have you ever tried it...It is really a great experience to enjoy yourself.

  • Just sit at a convenient position for you. Keep your back as straight.
  • Then just close your eyes and watch your thoughts... I request you to just watch your mind...don't have to do anything.
  • Don't try to control your mind. Just watch it.
  • Watch your thoughts. Accept all the incoming thoughts and let it go.
  • Within a week you will realize that your mind is not working in that period of mind refreshment. It is called "Silence". Silence is most powerful tool to refresh your mind.
  • Keep doing that every morning... It will take some more time for some body whoever not realized their mind and never tried to learn how it is working... are living with that mind...taking decisions using that mind..but you don't know how it is working...that seems like you are driving a vehicle without knowing how to drive it possible to drive without an accident...So, please start to understand your mind first by watching can do it for whole day too...then you will start to enjoy your life....

You can use this technique to solve your Problems.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beautiful World

Every one of us know about the beauty of this world. But the aim of this post is to relax you for a few minutes by talking about that. I know it is very interesting to talk about. I know that I am not a good writer in English to describe about the beauty of the world. So, I've only used simple sentences to express my thoughts. If there are some mistakes, Please kindly ignore that. some of these are collected from various sites...

What a wonderful creation!!!
See the magic of natural!! We don't have to go anywhere to see that. No matter, who we are or where we are...Have a look to the sky!!! what a wonderful creation! I tried lot of times to create that effect of sky with clouds by Adobe Photoshop. But I couldn't make the effect of original. Whenever I look to the sky, i forget myself...

Beautiful sky, wonderful moons, uncountable stars, attractive clouds..... whenever you have a problem, just have a look to the the sky. It will be useful to get rid of your problem.

The French mathematician, Jules Henri Poincaré (1854-1912) says " The scientist does not study nature because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it, and he delights in it because it is beautiful. If nature were not beautiful, it would not be worth knowing, and if nature were not worth knowing, life would not be worth living. Of course I do not here speak of that beauty which strikes the senses, the beauty of qualities and of appearance; not that I undervalue such beauty, far from it, but it has nothing to do with science; I mean that profounder beauty which comes from the harmonious order of the parts and which a pure intelligence can grasp".

Nature has created lot of planets. One of that planets is created to support life. It has plenty of features. It is a magnet to attract things. plants, animals, ...etc live in this planet. If it is too close to the sun, it is too hot to live. If it is too far from the sun, it is too cold to live. It keep this distance as perfect to live. What a wonderful creation!!!

Every creation in this space have been created for us to live happily. But lot of us haven't realized the truth why we are here. We are always struggling with tiny things.

My dear friend, come out of your problems. you can make your thoughts as big as this world. You can live happily and help others to the same. We are here to enjoy this beautiful world

Be happy!!! help others to be happy !!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Make your death as a key tool to start

I'd like to say about a person who is going to die. The problem is he doesn't realize his death. He is much worrying about the things which are going to happen in future. Is it a good way to spend his remaining life? Even an Idiot can say him, " Hey, you are going to die. why are you worrying about that things. Leave it. Start enjoying your life!!!".

My dear friend, this is very unfortunate to tell this. But that is true. you are that person. Do you realize that? you may, but i am sure most of us have forgot it. Every one of us lives with a mind set of "we will be here for a long". we may, but after that longtime?

If you have realized that, then you are one of the most happiest person in the world. Otherwise, you are struggling to live your life effectively. My request is you should accept that you are going to die. It can happen on any day, anytime, anywhere. So, Be ready to go.

Please try to imagine that you are going to die tonight. You have to enjoy your life within tonight. What would be your thought? Just try to see inside you, what are you thinking and why are you thinking like that?

According to me, Everyday I do remember myself about my death. Whenever i get problem, i will say myself, "you can face these problems only up to your existence". Then I will get motivated and since then it's really interesting to face any problem. We should remember that Life has lot of faces such as happy, angry, Problems, solutions, Promotions, good, bad, sad...etc...

So, If you do remember yourself at every morning that anything can happen today.., I am ready to face anything. Nothing can affect my Inner. I will be cool and start enjoying the life from this moment. I kindly request you to try that.

I am not coming to say that you are not enjoying your life.....Already you may.... But I have seen lot and lot people are always worrying about something...and they think that they only have the most difficult problems in the world. They haven't realized that every one of us live with our very own problem.