Wednesday, August 13, 2014

7 surefire steps to improve your personality

So you want to improve your personality. Well, you may find some sueful tips on this article. First lets understand it before we will see the ways to improve it.

According to wikipedia (, personality is combination of one's thinking pattern, his behaviour and his feelings that distiguish one from others. The following list will help you to improve your personality for sure if you pay you your attention to each of them.

1. Self awareness & confident:
First I want to explain why self awareness and confidence has come together instead of separate points. Self awareness means knowing your full potential. When you know your full potential, confidence will come naturally. A person with full of natural confidence will surely have the personality and charisma to attract others. Makes sense?
2. Smile please!
A person with smile is more likely to going to attract others. Keeping you smiling is toughest thing to do as it requires your awareness a lot.
3. Body language
Body language is the only language that expose your personality to subconscious mind of others. It is hard to improve it artificially. Self awareness is the natural way to improve your body language. A short term way to improve your body language is keeping your back straight and deep conscious breathing.
4. Speak slowly & clearly
Speaking slowly and clearly is another short way improve confidence so to improve your personality. Listen to others and then express your thoughts slowly which will give you more time. Be aware of your tone and voice, keep it as much clear as possible. It will improve your confidence so does your personality.
5. Be yourself:
You are here to enjoy your life not to act to get certified by others. They are fighting with their own problems always and don't have time to judge your life. It is your duty to take care of your life. Be yourself! Don't act! Don't invite others to judge you.
5. Walk fast:
Walking fast will also help you to improve your personality. It is good habit to have and will never harm you.
6. Dress neatly:
Dress neatly! Choose clothes which will make you feel comfortable and confidence.
7. Help Others
Helping others is wonderful way to help yourself. It will improve your personality naturally. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why shouldn't you believe?

Definition for "Believe": to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so:

Personally, I hate the word "Believe". Who will believe a thing (s)he doesn't know fully? An uneducated person? Who doesn't have time to think and analyse about it deeply? But you don't have to believe anything. Stop believing! start analyzing! ASk lot of questions!

If someone says your power is unlimited, start analysing it. Don't just believe because you need some advice!  Try to understand if there is any logic behind it!
Try meditation! Read some good(?) books! Analyze without any beliefs! Do it with empty mind! Be open to truth!  Enjoy your life!

How to create a team working for your success

1. Be natural
2. Love yourself
3. Love everybody in your team
4. Read a lot
5. Plan your time well. Plan every month, every week, every day and every hour.
6. Review how did your plans go every week and every month
7. Love/enjoy whatever you do and give your 100%. Teach/Coach the same technique to your team

That's it! No shortcuts!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to Overcome Fear

Fear is nothing but your feeling about something you don't want to happen. Who can overcome fear? Definitely, you can. That's why you reached this page. Don't stop your search. Read more. Analyze all. Then come to a conclusion.

Let me explain my experience. I was a person who was afraid of being alone at home. I was forced to be alone at home for 5 months. It gave me different experience. First day, I was trying to escape from that situation by searching one of my friend's room to stay there, because I knew there were more than two people and they won't allow me to hurt. I hope they would protect me from if anything bad could happen to me. Unfortunately, my first effort to avoid being alone ended in a failure as my friend went to visit his parents at countryside.

I had no option but to stay alone. My first day was terrible. I felt as something bad was going to happen to me. I was covered myself with bed sheet and closed my eyes tightly. The sound were started to become louder and louder and I was praying god to save me from that bad thing. I don't remember how did I sleep and I saw the next morning. Believe me. I couldn't believe that I was still in this world. The next day was not so bad but it was also a such a bad experience. But my third day was better as I had started to believe I was going to see the next day. Fourth day, I forgot the first day and also forgot I was alone. Now, I am writing this article at my home alone and my doors are opened.

Yes, Fear is nothing but your feeling about something you don't want to happen. If you experience it once, it started to lose its strength and you will start to become stronger.

I don't want to confuse by giving several ways to overcome fear. One simple way I would suggest is putting yourself into unknown situations. If you start practicing this, You will definitely started to notice your fears disappearing. Please try and let me know your opinions.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Using your dream and imagination for success in everything

Dream and imagination is real easy way to success in everything. It worked for me lot of times. You too use this trick to succeed at everything in your life.

It is similar to setting goals. For me, goals should be used just to enjoy your talents rather than checking them. We, all people, are born with natural talents and skills. When I doubt any one of my skills, it become tougher than normally I am doing it. Isn’t it? You shouldn’t need to believe you have talents and skills. Just realize them. Once you realize your talents and skills, then you can enjoy achieving your dreams and goals.

First, you have to dream how you want to be after one year. Don’t care whether it is possible or not? Just imagine. Have a separate note and write your goal on it. Write the date you want to achieve it. Let’s name the book as Dream book.

Next step is the toughest one. Because whenever you have to start something, you need to give your full concentration and energy. Next one week is to spend with the analysis of the ways to achieve. Use your imagination. Strive to get as many ways to achieve it. Write them all in the dream book. Then, choose a right way which should match for your unique skills and talents. Write it on the dream book.

Now separate the book as follows:

1. First page should be used to write your dream. Second page should be used to write your skills and talents(+). Third page is for your weakness(-). Fourth page is for what are your weakness can be converted as your +. Fifth page is should be used to write the achievements in your way to your goals.

2. From sixth page, write the date of next Sunday. Dedicate every next page to each Sundays which will be useful to review and planning for every week. You can choose any day instead of Sunday, but it should be a holiday.

Choose a convenient time for you on Sunday to review the last week’s achievements and failures. Dream the next week’s goal. Make it as a challenging week by setting tougher goal. Do this every Sunday. Have a habit of reading the dream book everyday. Have a review at every month. The first six month would be tougher than the next.

Write the following in the first page of the dream book.
1. Don’t give up
2. Don’t procrastinate
3. I am going to enjoy every Sunday with my achievements

Bookmark this page and tell your success story after one year. You can contact me to share your achievements by clicking in the contact me button.

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