Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A great day ahead of you

Imagine yourself as surrounded by full of happiness and joy with eyes closed… It is a great experience, isn’t it? Why not make you surrounded by them in real life too? You can achieve that today. You are not going to read such as “101 great tips to enjoy the life” or “7 ways to improve your life”. To achieve that you need to do only one thing, which is you have known very well. No one needs to tell how to do that... It is a sure-fire way to turn this day as great day

Love is great. Love is Wonderful… It is beyond the words…. No other thing can do the dramatic change like love. Can you love all the things in this world? Why not? You can! All of us can do it successfully. No need to wait for something to love all the creatures of the nature. Here we go!!!

First thing you have to do is you should love yourself. You cannot love anybody until you love yourself. Love yourself as a friend. Love yourself deeply. Love the others as you love yourself. Love your spouse… Love your parents… Love your friends… Love who hates you… Love who loves you… Love all the creatures in this world!!! Why not to include your enemies in this list? Love your enemies too… Love them truly! Help them to succeed! Love all the plants in this world! Love all the peoples from different countries, different cultures and different religions. Love all! Love all the good persons! Love all the worst guys too! Your heart has enough place to all!! Realize it!!! Break the limits which resist you from love other! This day is going to be a great day in your life! Love others only for love! Break the conditions! Come out of the rules which make you to refuse to love others! Love me! Love him! Love her! Love them! Spread the love to people around you by loving them! Spread the love in all directions!!! Love can change the world! Spread the love! Love makes you happy! Spread the love! Spread the happiness!!!

Thanks for your love! Thanks for spending your golden time!!!


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Power of understanding

(I have used the term “UNDERSTANDING” in the meaning of giving your focus or consciousness to understand something and analyzing it)

Understanding is the most powerful tool to succeed something. It is the reason being for the winning. If you look at the winners of any field, you will find the secret of their success. They understand their field very well than any others. Understanding is an attribute of success. Understanding will convert your goals and challenges to Success. If you try to control something, it will become more difficult to handle and achieve. Obviously lack of understand will definitely bring some confusion.

If you want to succeed something, you should understand it first. Then you will find the ways to succeed it naturally. For example, If you want to succeed your enemy, you must understand them clearly than they did(that means how he did understand himself). If you understand the strength and weakness of your enemy, you can succeed them easily.

To understand Yourself:

If you want to understand something, First you need to understand yourself. If you can’t do that, you can’t understand anything. It is the one of the hardest things to achieve. Nobody can help you to understand yourself. They may give some tips, but you only can teach yourself. But it is not an impossible one. A mind refreshment practice will be helpful to achieve.

To understand something:

If you can understand yourself, you will be able to understand anything you need. In these days, to understand something is not very hard. There are lots of resources for us. Internet is the gift for us to know everything we need.

Useful tip to understand something is:

Ask many questions as much as possible related to that. Strive to find out the answers. If you decide to pursue something, you will definitely find it. But we have no interest to do so or we are unaware that we are doing things without understanding it.

Another interesting point:

We understand the things clearly which we like rather than we hate. It is a well-known point for lots of us. But how many of us are using that point to understand the things which we are struggling?

One time, One of my best friend was struggling with some financial problem for years. At that period, he couldn’t sleep and work effectively. Sometimes he didn’t take food because of that worries. After a long struggle he realized the truth. That is: Food, sleep and work are more important than money. Those things can not be ignored for any other. Financial problem is tough. Money is only for his happiness and it is not more than his life. When he understood the the relationship between the money and life, he got rid of his financial problem within next few months.

SO, I request you to understand the importance of Understanding. That is the aim of this post. Thanks for visiting Enjoy the world.


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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Free Ebooks:Personal Development

Last night I found some wonderful ebooks on personal Development for free. They are very good in quality and some of them from famous authors.

You will need Adobe reader to read those books. If you don't have that, No need to worry. There is a link to download a free copy.

Reading such books like those will reveal some of the mystery of our mind. It will save lot of time by increasing our concentration and confidence.

The List of the ebooks:

The Confidence booster by Anna-Marie stewart

I Create Millions by Christopher Westra

The Law of attraction explained by Kenneth James MacLean

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

and lot more....

Get those Ebooks here for free

Enjoy reading those books. Thanks


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Micheal Phelps at his peak

Micheal Phelps, The US swimmer has made a record of winning the 10th and 11th gold medals of his Olympics games career. He is participating in eight events. He has finished 5 events with six World marks. What a great achievement? But the main reason for this post is his sense of humor.

He said, "I got 80 text messages today. One of my friends said to,"Dude, how many times a day do I have to see your ugly face?".

Every one of us always want to touch the heights which cannot be touched by anybody. How many of us are ready to work hard than any body? "Hard work" means working with hard things to make it easier, not working hard. Because Lots of us are making the simple things as harder and keep telling "I am working hard".


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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The power of acceptance

There is no self-growth or Personal Development without acceptance. It means accepting an experience without an intention to change it. Acceptance will improve our life dramatically.

We have lots of believes about our self. We always reject the truths which are against our believes. Whenever we come to know about our weakness, we reject it immediately by giving some reasons. If we can accept that truth, we will come out of that weakness. We should be honest to accept it without feeling guilty.

  • If you accept your weakness, You will come out of it
  • If you accept your dishonest, you will become honest
  • If you accept this moment without any changes, you will have a great future.
“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them”
- Brendan Francis


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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Power of Silence

Silence is an attribute of divine. The main function of our mind is thinking. If we can make silence in our mind, we will realize the power of silence. Our mind is produced by our thoughts. Why we are always thinking? Could we stop that? It is so difficult to attain, but it isn’t impossible. Silence is a powerful tool to attain peace and joy.

We can attain the silence by understanding our thoughts. Understanding is a powerful tool to achieve anything. If we understand the origin and nature of thoughts, Silence will come to our mind silently. We shouldn’t focus about that. If our mind noticed that, it will become active. So let your thoughts to come and go. Don’t try to stop that. You can’t do that so. This is an effective method to achieve silence.

I request you to find out an answer for this following question:

How would you speak inside your mind if you don’t know any language?

Your comments are appreciated!

Enjoy the life by realizing the power silence!