Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mind Refreshment

Make a habit of refreshing your mind once in the morning. How to do the mind refreshment? That is nothing but a small sleep with full of awareness...have you ever tried it...It is really a great experience to enjoy yourself.

  • Just sit at a convenient position for you. Keep your back as straight.
  • Then just close your eyes and watch your thoughts... I request you to just watch your mind...don't have to do anything.
  • Don't try to control your mind. Just watch it.
  • Watch your thoughts. Accept all the incoming thoughts and let it go.
  • Within a week you will realize that your mind is not working in that period of mind refreshment. It is called "Silence". Silence is most powerful tool to refresh your mind.
  • Keep doing that every morning... It will take some more time for some body whoever not realized their mind and never tried to learn how it is working... are living with that mind...taking decisions using that mind..but you don't know how it is working...that seems like you are driving a vehicle without knowing how to drive it possible to drive without an accident...So, please start to understand your mind first by watching can do it for whole day too...then you will start to enjoy your life....

You can use this technique to solve your Problems.

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