Monday, September 22, 2008

How can you help this world to be peaceful as an individual

We know this world is now becoming difficult to live. As an individual how can you help to bring the peace? Are you aware of your responsibility for that? You can do something if you accept your responsibility. This page will guide you to do something what you can...

1. Spread the Love around you:
I hope you would accept that spreading Love is possible for you. Yes… Love is the only way to bring the peace. You should love the people around you. You know that Love is the most powerful tool than any other. So Love the people around you… whoever they are…. However they are…. Whatever they are… Love them. Don’t care about their character… Don’t worry about the image you have about them… just love them… Love all the creatures in this world unconditionally…
I am sure it will spread like the waves created when a flower is thrown into a pond. Be a first person to make that wave… Your love is the flower, throw it out everywhere. It will make a magic to your inner and outer world. So, please help this world to be beautiful by spreading the Love.

2. Spread the happiness:
Is it difficult to make the person next to you to be happy? No. You have the abilities to make others happy. You know the tricks. You only need the curiosity to spread it. You can make others happy by sharing a joke, sharing their worries and giving some solutions…etc. You can send jokes to others by SMS or email, to make them happy .
Share the happiness when you are happy… help others to be happy when you are not happy… It will make you happy. It will break your worries. It will make your family with full of happiness. It will spread to your friend then to his family. It will spread all over the world…. Be happy… Spread happy everywhere.

3. Help others:
Make a habit of helping others especially those around you. How can you help others? Plenty of ways to do that… The only thing you need is the desire of helping others.
Not only by finance, you can help them by some other ways such as providing food to poor people at least once in a year, sharing your knowledge with others to improve their skills, help them to get rid of their problem by giving different view to their problem ….etc. If you are a rich person, you can sponsor for poor students’ education.
So make a habit of spending at least 15 minutes per day for other. It will be helpful for you to spend the remaining 23.5 hours effectively. I am sure you will find this as great tool. But one condition you have to remember is there shouldn’t be any condition. Help others unconditionally.

4. Create a page like this:
1. If you are a blogger or own a website, you can create a page like this with our own ideas to make this world peaceful. If you don’t have such one, you can create blog to spread the love.
2. You can make a post about this blog so more people can read.
3. If you already have a post like this, please let me know through the contact form. So, I may choose to give a link to that post in my List of posts about Love.
4. You can email this post to your friends.


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