Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Present moment and Success in Life

What is life?

Everybody has different opinion about life. It seems to be lots of different characteristics to life. But life remains same for all of us. Life is nothing but your present moment. Your life exists in your present.

Your present moment is wasted by your needless thoughts. Do you know the source of your thoughts? why are you thinking in particular way? Can't you think like Gandhi? Why?

How was yesterday?

When I ask this question, you should have some answer about the day. You may say it is great, not so good or not so bad...etc. But it all about your convenience with handling your thoughts.

When someone ready to face a difficult period means, he has the skills to handle such situations convenient. For you it is a great courage. But for him, it is just matter of handling the present moment with full of awareness.

If you learn the skill of handling the present moment, it means you are going to enjoy your life.

Best wishes

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